Gain Full Ownership for Windows 8 Files and folders

Every Windows programs need the Administrator or the User account control to make any changes in the system. For instance to replace or to remove a file from the system you need to gain the full ownership of the file or folder. To take ownership on Windows 8 follow the tutorial.

take ownership

The process of taking ownership on the Windows 8 is quite different from the previous version of OS. For instance on Windows 7 you have a Owner tab, on clicking on Edit, enter the user name and click OK to make changes. But this is not the case with Windows 8, Microsoft has moved the Owner tab to the top.

In widows 8, under the Permission tab, on adding a new object, you get two different views. Firstly, the Basic permissions and secondly, the Advanced permissions.

How to Take Ownership on Windows 8

Follow the steps to take Ownership on Windows 8

  • Right-click on the file or folder whose ownership you want to take and select Properties
  • Under Properties click on Security Tab
  • You get prompted of not having an ownership. To Take Ownership of the file or folder, click on Advanced tab
  • In the windows that appears, click on Change and enter the object or the user name and hit Ok
  • Now you will be able to see that the owner has changed to your user name
  • Click on Replace owner on subcontainers and object and hit Apply.
  • Upon getting prompted by warning message. Click on Yes to proceed.
  • Click “OK” twice and again click on Advanced tab
  • Now under the Advanced permissions, you can see an option to add Multiple Objects
  • To add multiple object and to inherit permission you can click on Change Permissions
  • To inherit permissions, click on Enable inheritance.
  • To add a new object click on Add and click on Select a Principal and type in the user or Object name.
  • Now you can enable the Basic Permission. If you want to enable advanced permission, click on Show advance permissions.
  • Finally, click Ok to close the Window.

Upon successful completion of the steps, you can take ownership on any folders and files and modify and change anything on them. But, make sure to create a system restore point first and then proceed with caution. This way you can get back the files that are deleted accidentally.


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