Fix – Windows + R unable to Open Run Dialog on Windows 8 Desktop

Many utilities in Windows can be operated via Run dialog. But often some errors on Windows 8 can make the system RUN non-functional. Often it has been figured out that RUN dialog box doesn’t open upon using Win + R keys. Here are some possible fixes to resolve this issue on Windows 8.

unable to open windows 8-run-box

Run dialog serves an important function in opening many features on the system or gives a quick access to many functions. But what if the Run itself fails to function? Here are some possible troubleshooting steps to fix this problem in Windows 8.

Pressing Windows + R keys doesn’t open RUN dialog or opens folders starting with the alphabet R. This is really an irritating situation. You can’t have a quick access to any functions using RUN anymore as Run dialog box itself doesn’t appear.

Fix – Windows + R unable to Open Run Dialog

Firstly, try updating Drivers on the system or check for the Windows updates available. Run the updates for Windows and restart your system and see if this helps bringing back your RUN utility.

Often corrupted system files can also cause such errors on the system. So, run system file checker to replace the corrupted system files. Press Win + X this brings power user menu and select Admin Command prompt. In the elevated command prompt type in sfc/ scannow and hit enter. This will run a scan across the system files and replace the corrupted system files. Once the scan is completed Open RUN dialog after restarting your system.

Malware infection can also play a leading role in disabling Windows features. Run full system scan using an updated Anti-virus or MSE or Windows Defender. See if this helps. Removing malware from system can make the system function properly or helps restoring functions that were disabled by  Malwares.

Try restoring to an earlier point where the system was working all fine to get the RUN dialog functioning once again.

Or opt Refresh option on your Window s8. Windows 8 comes with Advanced startup option. Try refreshing your OS to get back the RUN utility working.

Upon following the steps described above in the tutorial hope you can open Run dialog and start working with it flawlessly on Windows 8.


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