FIX- Windows explorer taking up much CPU Resource all time

Task manager shows that CPU is utilizing much resources even when the system is sitting idle i.e. no other program is running except the windows explorer. This can be really serious matter if this keeps on continuing. High CPU usage can give rise to overheating and other several issues on Windows 8. Here is the tutorial how you can resolve the CPU resource spike on Windows 8.

FIX high CPU usage win8

Although the system is sitting idle or say no background nor foreground programs is running but still the CPU usage on task manager showed up to 20-60%. This can be surprising but needs to be resolved as soon as possible. You can try the simple troubleshooting steps to get this issue resolved on Windows 8.

Steps to get rid of High CPU usage

Delete temp (Temporary) folder filers. To do so, press Win + R and type in temp or %temp% and hit enter. This will open temp folder on Windows 8. Now delete all the temp files permanently. Now open task manager to see if the CPU utility is reduced

Clean old, obsolete files and registry entries from the system as they might eat up CPU resource unnecessarily using CCleaner.

You can do Windows 8 clean boot. Starting Windows with minimal drivers can help you sort out the issue. Often it has been noticed that Clean boot resolves many issues on the system as third party utility are disabled at startup. Open Run and type in msconfig and hit enter. Go to startup tab and disable all the Non-Microsoft programs and hit the Disable button. Reboot your PC and see if this helps reducing the resource spike on Windows 8.

system configuration windows 8 disable

Press Shift + Esc to bring up task manager and go to process tab and end the processes running. Now see if the CPU usage is reduced or not.

You can also take help of utility program like Process Monitor to decrease high CPU resource usage due to Windows explorer (.exe). This is a free monitoring tool to monitor CPU usage.

Upon following the fixes described in this tutorial, hopefully you will be able to fix unnecessary high CPU resource usage on Windows 8.


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