Fix – Windows Copy Items and Move Items Dialog box not appearing properly

When you intend to move or copy files from one folder to other folder, drive or USB, you might have often come across that the move to or copy to dialog box just doesn’t appear properly. This might be resulted due to corrupted registry or due to several other reasons. Here is the tutorial how you can fix this issue on your Windows 8 system.

copy move dialog box

However many users have been commonly suffering from issue on trying to move or copy file, the context menu appears halfway or isn’t displayed properly. Here are some possible fixes to get rid of this issue.

First, scan your system with Microsoft Security Essential (MSE) or AV to remove any malware on the system.

Fix or replace the corrupted system files. Press Win+ X and click on Command prompt (Admin). In the elevated command prompt type in sfc/ scannow and hit Enter. This will start scanning your system and replace all corrupted files on the system.


If the problem isn’t fixed yet, then go for the registry tweak. Create a restore point or backup, before making any changes on the system registry. If anything goes wrong you can retrieve back to a state before the system changes were done.

  • Open RUN dialog and type in regedit.msc and hit Enter to open Registry Editor
  • In the Registry, navigate to the following key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer

windows registry explorer

  • In the right pane of Explorer, find DWORD given below
    Browse For Folder Height
    Browse For Folder Width
  • Now, select DWORD each one of them and delete it
  • Finally, Save and Exit Registry Editor.

That’s all. Select a folder to copy or to move, you will see the dialog box appearing properly rather than a corrupted dialog box.

Any small change in the registry in a wrong way can cause a huge damage on the system. So, it is always recommended to create a restore point on the system  before making any changes on the registy Editor.

Upon following the simple procedures described in this tutorial here, you will probably be able to fix issues with the annoying problem of corrupted dialog box on your Windows.


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