How to fix – Windows 8 Unable to Restart or Turn OFF?

Windows 8 doesn’t restart or shutdown when asked to do so. This is really surprising as when as you are unable to turn off your system. System errors can give rise to this situation or some other issues on the system can give rise to this kind of situation. To get rid of this error and turn off your system properly we have come with some possible troubleshooting steps to fix this issue on Windows 8.

windows 8 unable to  shutown

When you try to turn Off or shut down your Windows 8 the system doesn’t turn off or gives some kind of weird error on the screen or some process start running on the system. To resolve this issue try the troubleshooting steps described in the tutorial.

FIXES to resolve Windows 8 Unable to Restart or Turn OFF

  • Firstly make sure that when you shutdown your system no other programs are running on the system. Open task manager and see if there is any program running background. If this is the case, then disable or End task right away and try to turn off your system again.
  • Try updating your Windows after creating a restore point. See if this helps in resolving the shutdown issue in Windows 8.
  • Try disabling the fast startup feature. The fast startup was introduced in Windows 8 to boot the system faster. Go to power options and disable the fast startup in Windows 8.
  • Open System configuration and under boot tab use boot with Safe mode and try to turn off your system is safe mode. As the safe mode only installs certain drivers and functions, if the issues are related to some system errors or software’s then the system might shutdown in safe mode.
  • Try doing a Clean boot. Open system configuration using the msconfig command in the RUN dialog. Under startup tab uncheck all the non-Microsoft items to prevent starting all the programs at startup. Try restarting now or turn off the system.
  • Make changes in the power plans to make your system turn off. If the situation gets worse, try turning of the system by holding down the power button on the system for five minutes this will turn off the system. But this will corrupt the HDD.
  • Try this registry trick to shut down your Windows 8 PC. Open Run and type in regedit and hit enter. In the registry editor navigate to the following location s
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager:BootExecute
    Next, remove all the entries in this location except autocheck autochk
    Now, restart or turn off the system and see if this helps.
    But before you make any changes in the registry try creating a restore point.
  • HDD failure or corrupted Hard disk drive also gives rise to this error. So run memory test or run chkdsk to check the health and performance of the system hard drive. If the hard drive turns out to be the culprit then it needs to be replaced.

That is it. Hope the fixes described above help you fix the issue with Windows 8 unable to turn off or shutdown.


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