FIX – Windows 8 stuck on Boot Screen with System Configuring

On turning on the Windows 8 system you find the system hanging on the screen with system configuring or please wait command on screen. There can be several reasons behind causing this issue on the system. In this tutorial we will be discussing about how to resolve this issue on Windows stuck at startupOn turning on your system you find that your system struck at the boot screen with configuring message on screen. To resolve this issue on Windows 8, here are troubleshooting steps.

FIX – Windows 8 stuck on Boot Screen with system Configuring

If you are unable to boot your system, try getting into system recovery option or boot option or safe mode after restarting your system.

If possible to enter safe mode, firstly, undo all the changes that are made recently on the system. Uninstall all the recently installed programs and see if this helps resolving this issue.

If possible to get to the System Recovery Options screen, try Troubleshoot or go to the Advanced Options and try system restore.

If you directly don’t want to go for the system restore then you can try the system file checker. Open command prompt in Admin and type sfc/ scannow and hit enter. This will replace all the corrupt files on the system. Or try chkdsk / R

Windows 8 Advanced Boot Options provides a feature called Automatic Repair. You opt for that and see if this helps.

Run a full system scan using windows defender or MSE. Often Malware infection can cause the system hang and corrupt the startup files causing the system to stick at startup.

Too many programs on the system start up can make the system lag or delay the system startup. Open system configuration and under disable tab, uncheck all the non-Microsoft programs and restart your system.
If nothing helps then system restore is what you can try at the end.

That’s all. Hope the troubleshooting steps described here help you resolve issues with the Windows 8 system.


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