Fix: Windows 8 Programs cannot be removed or Uninstalled

Many users out there are quite a fond of using new software’s. Utility tools make PC look more customized, some freeware or software are helpful in completing work more easily. Many utility programs makes our work easier by add extra features to Windows, etc. When we install any program, it creates a registry entry on the system and these entries often resides in the system even after removal of the software making the system slow and eats up unnecessary space on the system HDD. Often users keep on complaining that programs cannot be uninstalled or removed on Windows 8. Here is the tutorial to fix issues while un-installation of program.

Fix Windows 8 Programs cannot be removed or Uninstalled

If you are unable to uninstall programs from Windows 8, try the following steps described below.

Steps to Fix Issues with Programs uninstallation prevented

  • Open Control Panel and go to Un-install program window. Here you can remove the software you want to.
  • In Windows, go to program files in C Drive and look for the folder for the respective software and delete using Shift + Delete keys to delete it permanently from Windows 8.
  • Often it has been noticed that upgrading from one version to other, the older version is seen rather the new ones. If this is the case, go to program files and remove the older version keeping only the new ones.
  • Uninstall the software and have fresh install.
  • To completely remove from the system HDD, you can use the free, portable utility called IObit Uninstaller. This is easy to use and removes programs within clicks.

iobit uninstaller

Salient Features of IObit Uninstaller

It Removes Unwanted Programs and Folders Super Fast

1-Click and removes Annoying Stubborn Toolbars

No More Leftovers with “Powerful Scan” and “Forced Uninstall”

  • Using the uninstaller the programs are still un-removable then go to safe mode and repeat the steps and run the uninstaller to fix the issues on Windows 8 PC. Also run full system scan using Microsoft security essential or Anti-virus on the system.

That’s all. You can now see that upon following the steps described above you are able to uninstall programs and fix the issues with Programs un-installation on Windows 8.


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