Fix – Windows 8 hangs on trying to Update

Many users out there have come up with issue that on trying to update or open the Update wizard Windows 8 hangs. This is really irritating as you are unable to update your system drivers that might lead to several other issues due to outdated drivers. However, this can be caused due to various reasons. In this tutorial we will be discussing about how to fix this issue on Windows 8.

fix windows 8 hang on updateAlthough Auto update feature is present on the system, but many users prefer disabling this feature and prefer manual update. But on trying to update manually you are not allowed or on hitting the update button the system hangs down and goes unresponsive for ages. To get this problem resolved, follow the fixes described below.

windows8 update

Not updating the system drivers can cause several other issues on the system. So, to prevent them try the steps below.

To go to update windows, use Win + X to open power user menu and click on control panel and go to updates to update the apps you want to or go to System and Security from Control Panel and then to Windows Update

At times Anti-malware or Anti-virus other than Windows Defender prevents the system from running the updates. So, try running updates after disabling Anti-virus.

Avoid running updates all at a time. Instead run updates one by one.

Sometimes the system errors make the Windows Update service itself go unresponsive. To fix this problem, open system configuration by searching for it on search charm. Click on services tab and search for Windows Update Service and disable it or you can directly open services, simply type services.msc in RUN dialog and hit enter.

In C drive look for SoftwareDistribution folder and delete all the contents. If such a folder doesn’t exist then create one. Reboot your system after disabling the update.

On reboot again open services tab and enable back Windows Update Service that was disabled earlier. Now, run Windows or App update.

If any Windows file is corrupted then it can also prevent running updates or hangs the system. So, run a system file checker to replace the corrupted system files on Windows 8.

Hopefully, the fixes described here help you fix the system hang or freeze on update issue on Windows 8.


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