Windows Defender Fails to Update – How to fix it?

Windows 8 comes with Windows Defender as their default AV but many users come across issues in updating the MSE or Windows Defender. At times when the Windows Defender is outdated on attempting to update it, Windows simply denies or say on hitting the update button the Windows defender doesn’t update. Here is the tutorial with some effective ways to fix this issue on Windows 8 and update Windows Defender right away.

fix windows defender fail windows 8

Windows Defender is the default AV pre-installed in Windows 8. It is always recommended to keep the Windows defender updated to prevent malware infection in the system. But due to certain issues Windows prevent the update or show false display prompting Defender is already updated. Here are some troubleshooting steps to resolve this issue on Windows 8 and update Windows Defender successfully.

windows defender update windows8

Troubleshoot Windows Defender not updating Problem

Manually update from Windows Update option. Open control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Windows Update. Here click on Check Updates link in the left corner and this will present all the Windows update available. Click on the Install Updates button to install updates. See if this updates Windows Defender.

When on hitting the update button the Defender fails to update. Try updating using command prompt. At time updating defender from helps updating the defender.

  • Open Administrative Command Prompt using Win + X and type in MpCmdRun.exe and hit enter.
  • Next run the following command MpCmdRun.exe –SignatureUpdate
  • This will search for the updates and install all updates available.

If this doesn’t help, proceed to the next fix.

System corrupted files can also cause this issue, so run scan using sfc scanner. Press Win + X and click to open Command Prompt (Admin) and type in sfc/ scannow. This command will scan the system for the corrupted files and replace them.

Malware can also be equally responsible in preventing the update of Windows Defender. So, run malware scan using the elevated command prompt. Type in MpCmdRun.exe –Scan and hit enter.

Hope the steps described above help you fix issues with the update of Windows Defender in Windows 8 and update the Windows Defender successfully so that you can scan your system with the updated definition.


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