Touchpad Randomly Stopped Working on Windows 8 – How to fix it?

What will you do when you find that Windows 8 Touchpad not working? On moving your fingers on the touchpad you find no cursor moving. In other words, you can say the touchpad has become unresponsive. For laptop user it will be a helpless issue. So to help you get rid of this problem here is how you can fix the issue and get back your touchpad functioning like earlier.fix Touchpad stop Working windows 8

Touchpad unresponsive or out of nowhere it had stopped working. However there can be several issues causing suck kind of issue on Windows 8 PC. This can be really irritating when you need the cursor but for your utter surprise the mouse or touchpad doesn’t work. Try the troubleshooting steps described below.

Almost many keyboard come with mouse lock key that disables the touchpad. While busy writing you might have accidentally hit the key causing de-activation of the touchpad. This key is useful generally when you don’t want to move the cursor here there while writing by accidentally hitting the touchpad. Look for the key to enable back the touchpad on Windows 8.

At times outdated drivers for touchpad are the ones that can also make the touchpad go not-responding. It is therefore always recommended to update the synaptic drivers on Windows 8. To do so, open device manager look for the touchpad drivers under mice and other pointing drivers and right click on them to update.

If you find any errors indicated on the device manager, then re-install the drivers or follow the troubleshooters. Install drivers from manufacturer’s website and Reboot your system once done.

windows device manager
Disabling Palm check can also give rise to this situation too. So, follow the steps described below to enable palm check on Windows 8.

Open mouse control settings from Control Panel

Go to TouchPad Settings tab and click Pad Settings > Pointer > PalmCheck-Enhanced and hit the gear icon

palmcheck enhanced

In PalmCheck section, simply drag the slider to Off and hit OK.

That’s all. Palm check is now enabled on Windows 8.

Malware can also be one culprit giving rise to touchpad issue. So, Run a full system scan on Windows 8 using AV or MSE.

Open command prompt (Admin) from Win + X power user menu. Type in sfc/scannow and hit enter. This will start a scan on your system and replace the corrupted system files on the system.

Upon following the tutorial here you can get rid of the touchpad issue on Windows 8 and retrieve back to your work.


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