Fix- Unpleasant Sound from Speaker Issue on Windows 8

On turning music you hear terrible sound coming from your Windows 8 system. This can be either due to a faulty speaker or sound card, etc. The sound clarity somewhat complexes and is unpleasant to ear. In this tutorial we will be discussing about how to fix the terrible noise or sound coming on playing audio on Windows 8.

fix speaker sound issue windows8The abrupt sound or noise coming from the system can be really irritating and for a novice it would be really difficult to find what is actually causing this issue. So, we have come up with some troubleshooting steps that will fix the terrible sound issue.

Check the audio itself is not an attenuated one by playing other audio. If it is then the terrible noise is resulted due to the audio or video itself. Plug-in headset and try to listen the audio, if you still hear the sound then the system sound card or motherboard sound card or speakers are in question. If speakers are faulty then speakers needs replacement.

Most of times it has been found that outdated drivers are most likely responsible in creating noises or not allowing the audio to be played properly. It is always recommended to keep your system drivers updated to its latest version.

To update drivers, press Windows + C and type in device manager in the search charm.

Device Manager Windows 8

In the device manager, double click on Sound, Video and Game controllers. Now right click on every entry listed there and update.

windows device manager

If you need to install any new driver, make sure you download it from the manufacturer website. Download drivers that are best suited with the make and model of the system.

Reboot your system on updating the drivers and now play audio again, if the unpleasant sound is heard again then open Audio devices settings from the control panel and make adjustment with the volume or speaker and see if this helps you get rid of the terrible sound on Windows 8.

For a faulty sound card, replacement is the best option.

Upon following the steps described above in this tutorial hopefully you will be able to fix the issues with the system sound or terrible noise on playing audio on Windows 8.


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