Fix – Programs or Apps shutting down or stops functioning

The programs or Applications running on the system stops working suddenly with an error prompt something caused the program to stop working. This abrupt behavior of Windows 8 system can really tense the user. There can be several reasons behind causing the abrupt stopping of program. Here is the tutorial how you can fix this issue on Windows 8

fix program shuttng down abruptly

On working with some Apps, you suddenly encounter an error of that abruptly stops the program or Apps. Windows closes the program and notifies if a solution is available. Here are some possible fixes to troubleshoot this issue on Windows 8.

Steps to Fix – Programs or Apps shutting down or stops functioning

Go for a Windows Refresh. This can fix issues with abrupt closing of programs.

Windows 8 also avails Automatic Repair under Advanced too. Automatic repair replaces all the corrupted files on the system. See if this helps you fix the error on Windows 8.

Advanced options

Reboot your system with all the additional USB or peripheral devices unplugged from your PC. See if this eradicates the error.

Disable all startup programs wither from system configuration or from task manager’s startup and reboot your system and start working with Applications, if the errors are due to the startup programs then this will help you get rid of this issue.

Update all your system drivers or install new drivers from manufacturer’s website or update the programs in question and see if this helps in getting rid of the problem.

Run a full system scan using Anti-virus or Windows Defender. At times Malware infection can also cause the programs to shutdown abnormally.

Lastly, you can go for system restore or complete system recovery and reinstall all the programs and see if this helps you resolving the issue on Windows 8.

Even after trying all the fixes described above, the problem still persists then it’s some kind of hardware issue.
Upon following the fixes described above you can hopefully fix issues with abrupt shutting down of Programs or Apps on Windows 8.


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