No Internet Access on Windows 8 Boot – How to Fix it?

Windows 8 often display message like no Internet connection on startup. Many users have come up with similar issues like this. On starting up the Windows 8 system it shows that you are unable to connect to Internet. In this tutorial we will be discussing about some possible ways to fix this problem.

no internet access windows 8 boot

As soon as you boot your Windows 8 PC you are surprised to see the message prompting No Internet Access when you are already connected to Internet. However, to fix this issue of not able to connect internet here are some possible ways described below.

There can be several reasons causing this issue when you see no Internet access or unable to access Internet.

Fixes to Resolve No Internet Connection on Booting Windows 8

Firstly, restart your system and see if you are able to connect to Internet. Often improper boot or unsuccessful Boot can give rise to this issue. So, restarting your system can help you get rid of this issue on Windows 8.
If restarting your system resolves you issue but this issue keeps repeating every time you boot your system, then go for the alternate way to fix the issue.

You all must be aware of the Fast start up feature included in Windows 8. The fast startup reduces the boot time or makes the Windows 8 faster than before. Try turning off the fast startup option and see if this helps resolving your issues. Often it has been found that fast startup keeps all the work in such a state that you can operate Windows 8 as soon as you boot.

To turn OFF your Fast startup, Open Power options from PC settings under Settings Charm or from power user menu or Win + X. Next navigate to Shutdown settings and un-check the Turn On fast startup option. Click on save changes and restart your PC. On restart you might be able to connect to internet.

Update drivers for network Adaptors. Outdated network can also play the culprit in causing issues with internet connection.

Hope the fixes described above help you fix the issue with No Internet Access or Unable to connect to Internet on Windows 8 Boot.


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