Longer booting Time on Windows 8 – How to fix it?

Windows 8 official launch has been a year now. Many users are in favour of the new OS while there are users who are not happy with the new OS. Moreover many have encountered that Windows 8 take much time to Boot. In this tutorial we will discussing about how to fix this issue and startup Windows 8 faster.

Long boot Time windows 8-fix

Here are some possible ways fix the issues of long booting time on Windows 8.

  1. If you have any USB connected to Windows 8 at the time if startup, unplug it. It has been found that additional USB devices slowdowns system startup.
  2. Open Run dialog using Windows + R and type in msconfig and hit enter to open system configuration Or Press Windows + C and search for it using the search charm. Click on the startup tab and uncheck all the start up programs that are non-essential at the startup.
  3. Try turning Off Windows 8 Auto-update feature to get this fix the issue.
  4. Turn on system without Internet connection and see if it helps in booting faster.
  5. You can also locate the actual culprit causing slow startup from the system Task manager or use Boot Racer utility tool. In task manager, go to Startup tab and here you can find the program causing longer boot issues under Startup Impact column.
  6. Try running memory test or HDD test to check the health and performance of Windows 8 HDD. A failing HDD can also be the cause behind slowing down the startup. You can take help of utilities like Hard disk Sentinel to diagnose the health and performance of the HDD. HDD need to be replaced if found faulty.
  7. Disable or Uninstall recently installed softwares.
  8. Run a full system scan using Microsoft security essential to scan for malware your system. Malware infection can also cause Windows 8 to boot longer.
  9. Use System file checker. To do type in cmd in RUN and hit enter. Next type in sfc/scannow and hit enter. File checkers starts scanning your system for corrupted files and fix them.

Upon following the tutorial I really hope you will be able to fix the longer booting times on Windows 8 and ensure a fast startup.


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