Grayed or Disabled Resolution Settings in Windows 8 – How to fix it?

Do you find any missing features in Windows 8 system like missing resolution setting or certain settings just don’t appear completely on the system? In this tutorial we will be discussing about some troubleshooting steps to fix issues with incomplete resolution settings or disabled resolution in Windows 8.fix Disabled Resolution Settings Windows 8

On connecting a new monitor you need to adjust the screen settings or resolution as per your settings or comfort. But when you opened the screen resolution settings you get to see only one resolution settings. However, opting for the screen resolution settings that are not compatible with the monitor can lead to blurred or hazed or half wallpaper screen. So, correct adjustment is always needed.

windows 8 screen resolution settings

On selecting the available resolution for screen if your image doesn’t satisfy you or you need to have more resolution settings, follow the steps described below.

Firstly, try to update all the device drivers or the graphics card driver. Open device manager and right click on the graphics card driver to update it. If you need to install new drivers for your system, always make sure to download it from manufacturer website.

After updating or installing the drivers reboot your system to apply the changes. On restart try changing your screen resolutions.

Even after updating the drivers you are still find the other resolutions grayed out then probably your problem can be fixed using the menu buttons on the monitor itself and set it to factory settings. At times the Windows seems to override the original settings the reasons behind are unknown.

Corrupted system files can also play its part in disabling of graying or disabling the resolution options. Try running system file checker to fix the corrupted system files. Press Win + X to open power user menu and open Admin command prompt. Type in sfc/ scannow and hit enter. This will run a system scan to detect and replace any corrupted system files on the system.

If none of the fixes resolves the issue, try using system restore to get to the point where the system functioned perfectly fine to fix issues with disabled resolution settings.

Hope the steps described below helps you fix issues with disabled resolution settings on Windows 8.


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