Error while Installing USB Device Drivers – How to Fix it?

When you insert an USB to your system USB port, the Windows installs the driver to start using or operating the device but due to certain issues it fails to install or detect the drive leading to malfunctioning of the USB drive be its USB keyboard, mouse or USB pen drive. In this tutorial we will be discussing about some troubleshooting steps to fix this issue on Windows 8.

Error installing usb device-fix

On inserting you find that your USB device not detected or the drivers are not installed or fail to install, try out the fixes described here.

It can be caused due to several reasons giving rise to error while installing USB driver or inserting a new USB device. Firstly make sure that your USB device is not the faulty one. Insert the USB device into other system and check if it’s working properly.

FIX – Error while Installing USB Device Drivers

If the Windows is encountering error in installing the device drivers, then either the device is not supported by the system OS or some there might be some errors causing this error.

If you have recently upgraded to newer version of OS or changed OS where the USB originally functioned properly, then it clearly indicates that your system OS is not supporting the USB device.

If that is not the problem then try inserting a USB device and inserting this you find the device not detected then either drivers are outdated or windows itself has opted to hid the empty drives or are disabled.

If USB port access is disabled or blocked, then you might not see the USB device. So to enable the USB port, follow the steps given below.

  • Open charms bar using Win + C and select search charm and type in Device Manager
  • Click to open Device Manager from the results in left pane
  • Now, scroll down to Universal Bus controllers and enable all the Host controllers by right clicking on them

enable disable usb port device manager

  • Restart your PC and plug in the USB device back to the system.

See if you can detect or Windows detect the USB device. USB ports are often blocked to prevent or block malware entry or data theft.

Or update all the system drivers and see if this helps.

That’s all. Hope the fixes described here help you fix issues with the USB detection or error with installation of USB drivers on Windows system.


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