Fix – Disk Clean-up or Windows 8 Update Stuck or Freeze

Did your Windows 8 stop responding when attempted for a Disk cleanup or say system stuck at disk cleanup? In this tutorial we will be discussing about some possible ways to get rid of this issue on Windows 8 and get it functioning properly.Fix Disk Clean-up Windows 8 Update Stuck Freeze

On installing Windows 8 and running the clean disk utility to clean the temporary files. But you find your system hanging or freeze or stuck on running disk cleanup or the clean disk utility runs for a while and then stucks making the system unresponsive. If you force shutdown the system and restarting it. To resolve this issue try the fixes described below.

Steps to Troubleshoot Disk Clean-up stuck after a While

Firstly, upon installing Windows 8 make sure you have updated all the drivers.

Go to C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution. Open SoftwareDistribtion folder, and delete all its contents i.e. all the folders and files in it. The folders might be a corrupted one causing the system to go unresponsive

Open command prompt with Admin privilege using Win + X and select Command Prompt (Admin) and type in sfc/ scannow and hit enter. This will replace all the corrupted system files from windows.

sfc scannow

Or open command prompt and type in Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth. This will restore the health of the system resolving all the errors on the system.

Often Malware activities can also give rise to this kind of situation. So, run a full system scan with updated AV or Microsoft security essential.

Clean install or enter Safe mode using F8 when the system logo appears. In the safe mode try clearing the temp files if you are not allowed to do so then follow any of the fixes described above.

You can also try out the steps when your system stuck in middle operation. Simply restart your system and try out the fixes described above.

Hope the steps described in the tutorial help you fix issues with freeze or system stuck upon disk cleanup utility on Windows 8.


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