How to fix Crackling Sound in Windows 8 PC?

Crackling Sound associated with and videos and music played on Windows 8 or often users find their system making popping or crackling sounds out of nowhere. There can be numerous reasons or issues causing this problem on Windows 8 system. Here is the tutorial how you can fix the issue with crackling or popping sound in Windows 8.

fix Crackling Sound Windows 8 PCTry out the troubleshooting steps described here to fix the issue with the crackling sound on Windows 8 PC.

9 Fixes to resolve Crackling Sound in Windows 8 PC

  1. Firstly, plug out and extra connected USB. The USB might cause the crackling sound.
  2. Check your LAN or Wi-Fi connection this can also give rise to crackling sound.
  3. Outdated drivers can also contribute in this issue. Update all the system drivers or check the system for the availability of drivers or updates. If you need to install any latest drivers then always download them from the manufacturer’s website.
  4. Even after updating the drivers if you still hear the crackling noise, this might be caused due to hardware issues. Run memory test to diagnose the health and performance of the Hard disk drive. If the HDD turns out to be the faulty one then it must be replaced.
  5. Often a faulty Sound card can cause popping or crackling sound in PC. Check the sound card or update the sound card drivers. If the sound card turns out to be faulty one replace it. Update realtek drivers
  6. Check the fans in the system. The fans might also cause sound or clean the CPU using Compressed air can. The dust accumulated on the fans and other hardware can clog the hardware giving rise to unusual sounds.
  7. If you using headphones, then check if your headphones are working properly. Check the system speakers whether they are working properly or not.
  8. Use Restore point to retrieve back to the state where the system functioned perfectly fine.
  9. Lastly, try resetting your system BIOS or refresh OS. You can opt Automatic repair option in Windows 8 to get rid of this problem on Windows 8 PC.

Hope the fixes described here help you resolve issues with crackling sound in Windows PC.


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