Black Line on Windows 8 Screen – How to fix it?

Do you find Black line appearing on both side of the screen or display? There can be numerous reasons behind this black line on screen. However this is really irritating to se lines appearing on the screen. In this tutorial we will be discussing about how to fix issues with Windows 8 PC showing black Lines on 8 fix black line display

When you boot your Windows 8 PC to your utter surprise you find two black lines appearing on screen. The system to be working fine since yesterday but all of a sudden or out of nowhere you see the black lines on screen. In this tutorial we will be discussing some possible ways to get rid of this issue.

If the system seems to function well the last time you used and out of nowhere you discover black line on your LCD screen. This can be surprising but you need to figure out what is causing such issues on the system.

  • Restart your system or turn off and turn it on few times giving pauses in between. At times if the system fails to boot properly with all the drivers or other system files causing the black lines to appear on screen. Restart can help to fix this problem.
  • Outdated graphics or drivers can also be the culprit behind the appearance of the black screen. Try updating your Graphics card or Video card. Open device manager and go to video or graphics controller and update the drivers. If the graphics card turns out to be faulty one then it should be replaced. Always make sure to update or install drivers from manufacturer’s website.
  • If you have any update notifications then approve them. Update Windows too and see if this helps in getting rid of the black line on display.
  • Corrupted files might also be responsible. Open Admin elevated command prompt and type in sfc/ scannow an hit enter. This will fix the corrupted files.
  • The black screen can also be the indication of failing Hard disk drive. Try running chkdsk.exe command in the admin elevated command prompt. Or run memory test to diagnose the health and performance of the system HDD. If the hard disk turns out to be the faulty then it time for its replacement.


So, these were some troubleshooting ways to get rid of the black lines from the Windows 8 PC display. Hopefully the fixes described above help you get rid of the black line on screen on Windows 8 PC.


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