FIX – Battery Not Charging with Adapter plugged-in

Many users out there have come up with issue that even after plugging the adapter the battery isn’t charging nor did the charging led glows, no sooner the adapter is removed the laptop readily drains out battery and many other battery problems. In this tutorial we will be discussing about how to fix issues with Adapter plugged in but still the battery isn’t charging.

battery not charging fix

Turning on the system and plugging the adapter to your utter surprise you find that your battery doesn’t charge nor does the charging icon showed upon the taskbar. Here are some probable fixes to resolve this issue on Windows 8.

Before you move on to the troubleshooting steps make sure that your Adapter is working fine. Plug in a different adapter of same make and model and see if the battery is charging, if yes then your Adapter might be a faulty one. If no, then the culprit lies on the system itself.

Troubleshoot Battery Not Charging with Adapter plugged-in

If the adapter is not the problem, then the battery might be overheated or the faulty or dead one. First turn over your laptop and open the battery case and remove battery. Re-seat it in the laptop after few minutes. Now, turn on the system and start charging.

Press Win + C and type device manager in the search charm and open it. In the device manager, update the battery driver by right clicking on it. Once the drivers are updated plug-in AC adapter and verify if your battery gets charged. Or disable Battery driver and restart your system and try charging back.

Try flashing your system BIOS. Or install latest chipset or BIOS drivers available for your system from the manufacturer website. Once you are done with update, reboot and start charging, see if it helps.

If the internal structure itself is defective then you need to consult the system manufacturer. If the laptop battery turns out to be a faulty or dead one then you need to replace it with a new one.

Upon following the steps described above in this tutorial here you will most probably able to fix issues with battery isn’t charging when adapter is plugged in on Windows 8.


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