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Are you concerned about who is trying to log or peek into your PC when you are not around? There are times when you are over concerned about your system security or privacy. It might tense you if someone secretly sneak into your system or say some one logged your PC and accessed your data or say have accessed your system in an unauthorized manner. You no longer have to worry about who is secretly accessing your PC when you are not around as you can catch them red handed. Follow the post below to know how you can catch the outsiders or hackers who break through your system.

windows 8 Lockscreen Pro

Although, Windows allows you to set strong password to protect your PC from unwanted users or hackers, but there are fair possibilities where the hackers can crack the password and login to your PC causing threat to your personal and professional data stored on the system.

We all might have at least once must have desired to know or catch the person who has accessed your system without our permission. Here is how you can achieve that.

Even if someone is able to crack your password, you can still catch them red handed. A freeware called Lockscreen Pro helps you catch the culprit sneaking your PC by taking the image of a person who logs your PC without your knowledge or trying to gain some unauthorized access in the system.

capture unauthorized users trying bypass your windows 8 lockscreen

This utility tool takes snap of the person who tries to log in your system. Upon trying to login if the culprit fails to login the system or say upon failed login attempts, Lockscreen Pro the images of the person using the webcam.

To get started, firstly you need to download the freeware from this link. The downloaded file comes in zipped files, so you need to extract the program like WinRAR first. Upon extraction, run Lockscreen Pro.

When prompted for customizing your settings, confirm checking the option for taking photos of failed logins. Upon setting this the system webcam will automatically snap the person trying to access your PC. Keep in mind that Lockscreen Pro doesn’t bypass the Windows 8 lockscreen or say it isn’t replaced by the current version of Lockscreen Pro.

set password

In order to activate the freeware, you need to open up Lockscreen Pro by hitting its icon on the desktop or Start Screen. Pressing Windows key + L will only lock your screen without even activating the software.


However, there is an alternate way to it. An online application called Mouselock also serves you to get images for the people who try to login your system by moving the mouse cursor. We have already described about this App in earlier posts. This online app asks you to select a number as your security pin and locks your mouse and whenever anyone tries to move your mouse it asks for the pin to unlock, failing to do so the system webcam clicks a photo of the person and sends it to your email ID.

This Apps doesn’t fully protects your system but still allows you to get a picture of the culprit so that you can catch them red handed upon logging your system in your absence.

From now when you suspect that someone’s trying to creep through your PC, try using Lockscreen Pro and catch them red handed.


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