Fast StartUp Not Working on Windows 8 PC – How to fix it?

Windows 8 came up with many interesting features that were new to the folks out there. Fast Start-Up option, you might have heard the feature that was introduced in Windows 8 and later to boost the boot time in PC. What if the fast startup option doesn’t work properly? Earlier we have discussed about how to enable and disable the fast start up option in Windows 8. In this tutorial we will be discussing about how to fix the issues with fast start up.

Fast start up windows8 fix
Folks have come up with issues related to fast startup that it goes unresponsive or say the Windows 8 fast startup doesn’t work properly. If this is the case then you try the troubleshooting tips discussed ahead in the tutorial.

FIX : Fast StartUp Not Working on Windows 8 PC

If you find the Fast Startup feature doesn’t respond, then try disabling and re-enabling fast startup option. Repeat the process couple of times and make sure to reboot your PC after every process.

Fast Startup Windows 8

Check for the Hibernate option. If it is disabled in the power option, enable it or vice-versa.

Often the start-up programs that are enabled as soon as you boot your system might be the one causing trouble. Uncheck all the non-Microsoft programs from the startup tab.

Software or Drivers installed in your system might also be the culprit or affect the fast startup. Check for the drivers whether they are updated ones. If not updated, first Update your drivers and reboot your PC and see if this helps.

Run Memory test to diagnose the health and performance of the system. If the RAM is the faulty one then it might cause issues with fast startup.

Malware intrusion can also be the cause. So run a full scan on your system using updated Anti-virus.

Hope the troubleshooting steps discussed here will get the issues sorted on your PC.


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