Experience Dual Interface with Dual monitor Setup in Windows 8

As already been discussing, the latest feature added on the new Windows 8 OS has made many users expectation rise to next level. Microsoft has brought out many changes to the new OS as compared to the earlier versions. Here in this tutorial I will be discussing about how you can set up dual monitors in Windows 8. A dual monitor allows you to extend the screen into multiple monitors making you ease at work. Follow the tutorial how you can setup Multiple Monitor in Windows 8.

set up dual monitor windows 8

Extending your screen to multiple monitors enables you with the benefit of managing your work easy and smooth, like if you are working with various programs and Apps, then you can put your email, chat, and Web browser on a secondary display and at the same time you can deal with your official or other important documents on the primary one. It not only increases productivity but also amplifies your ability to get work done easily.

This feature of dual monitor was availed in Windows 7, but in Windows 8 Microsoft has added more features to it and has taken it to the next level. With dual monitor you can carry out the following activities listed below.

  • Launch a new Start screen from either of the two monitors
  • You are able to access the Charms bar on both the monitors
  • Extend or Split screen in Windows 8 app on either screen
  • You get the same taskbar and apps on the both the monitor screen
  • You can access with an app in desktop mode while using a Windows 8 app on the other screen

extend monitor screen windows8

How to Setup Dual Monitors in Windows 8

To set up dual monitor screen on Windows 8, you need to connect a second monitor to your primary Windows 8 PC and simply adjust a few settings and you are done. You can now experience the ultimate dual-interface with Windows 8.

  • Hold down Windows key+P to open the second screen metro bar
  • Next, click on Extend options and you can see the desktop wallpaper stretched

select extend win8

  • On the primary monitor, right click and select the screen resolution and change settings there
  • Under screen resolution window, click to check the Multiple Display options and set it to extend this displays mode to have the access the same windows 8 in both the monitors.

screen resolution extend displays

Once you have completed all the steps described above, you can see that Windows 8 is extended to both the monitors.

Upon following the tutorial here you can setup windows 8 in dual monitors. Now, when you move your mouse to the extent of one screen you can see that you can reach out to the other monitor and access all the apps in the computers on both the monitors.


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