Enhance Windows 8 Audio & Video with Multimedia 8

Windows 8 the most talked about OS includes many latest features that have been fascinating many users out there. The metro user Interface has been in news since its advent. Another feature that is in lime light is the Windows 8 App store. The App store allows you to install and enjoy various programs and applications. As you might know that Microsoft has developed Windows 8 for dual purpose that is use in both Smartphone’s and PC. The Apps can be utilized both the users. Here in this tutorial I will be telling you about one of the Apps named Multimedia 8, the best media player for Windows 8.

Multimedia 8 windows 8

Windows 8 App store has introduced Multimedia 8 app that enhances your media player. The Multimedia 8 app allows you to play 3D Videos, Access Network Media and even convert Media Files for free. Moreover, it is much faster than other Video Apps and Xbox Music. In short it is all in one multimedia app supporting almost all variety of formats.

It is much easier and simpler to use as the app comes with a nice user interface. Upon installing Multimedia 8 app on Windows 8 system, you can not only play videos or audio files but can also carry out countless tasks side by side.

enhance music with multimedia 8

It supports Multi-language Media including features like: 3D Video Playback, Video Stabilization, Media Playback from libraries, Media Servers Support, Search for Media, Convert and trim media to MP4 & WMV, Capture audio and video etc are attributed more to this app. You can play DLNA TV & Windows Phone device using Multimedia 8 App.

If you are the one looking forward for an advanced Multimedia App, then this is can be a right choice. With Multimedia 8 app you audible experience boosts up.

So for all music lovers who enjoy music, then Multimedia 8 is the feature for you to experience a good high quality Audio and video.


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