Enable/Disable Windows 8 USB Port using Windows Registry

Data can be carried out around the world using any USB Storage device like pen drives, micro SD card, etc. But the USB port also serves as a gateway for other malware threats. When you connect an USB device to a computer the viruses and other malware items on the computer enter into it and when you connect it back to your computer the malware attacks your system. You can prevent the entry of malware by disabling the USB port on your computer. Here is the tutorial how you can disable USB Port on Windows 8 using Windows Registry.disable usb ports windows 8

Many users also block the USB port on laptop or system to protect valuable data on your system. You can also disable all USB port through simple registry setting. But, this doesn’t block block USB mouse, or USB keyboard or USB Printer Port.

Before making any changes on the system registry make sure to set a restore point on your computer as any small change in the system registry can cause major damage on your system.

Steps to Disable USB port on windows 8

  • Firstly, open charms bar from the start screen by moving the mouse cursor on the right hand screen
  • In search bar, type regedit and from the results that appear on the left screen click on same titled icon

search regedit windows 8

  • Now you have Windows Registry Editor on the screen
  • In left pane, Click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and click on SYSTEM
  • Next select the option CurrentControlSet > Services option > USBTOR

windows 8 registry editor services window

  • Now, navigate to the right pane of the window and double-click on the START option from list panel
  • You now see a new tab named edit DWORD (32 bit), here assign the value to 4 under Value data tab

set dword disable usb port

  • Finally, click on OK button and close the registry editor window.

Now, try connecting an USB device to your system. You can see that the USB device is no longer detected by your system.

To undo this setting or enable USB, follow the above same steps discussed above and set the Start DWORD value as 3.

Upon following the steps described here, your windows 8 system will not find any external USB storage devices connected on your Windows 8 system and secure your data from malware threats and unauthorized access.


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