Enable/Disable Windows 8 Touchpad Edge Swipes

You might have come across the situation where you accidentally open various applications unnecessarily, especially when you are using laptop. You don’t even seem to know when you have opened those apps. Windows 8 provides a feature called Edge swipes feature. With this feature you can now open Charms bar, app Switcher, and Application bar by moving one finger from the edge of the touchpad without using any keyboard shortcuts to launch or open those apps or features. This feature is quite convenient, but this can be annoying if the App opens mistakenly while using the touchpad or trackpad. Follow the tutorial here to enable or disable Touchpad Edge Swipes in Windows 8.Enable Disable Windows 8 Touchpad Edge Swipes
As we all are aware of the changes made in Windows 8 that are different as compared to the earlier version of Windows OS. The charms bar in one of the newly added feature that allows you to launch several other features and functionality. We use Windows key +C to open charm bar, but with the Edge swipes feature you can move one-finger from the edge of the touchpad or trackpad in towards the center to open the same.

Edge Swipe feature enables the following functions:

Allows you to navigate from currently opened application to the previously opened one by swiping finger from the left edge to the center switches

You can open or close the Charms bar by a swipe from the right edge of the touchpad to the center

Open or close any Application bar by a swipe from the top edge towards the center.

Many users may mistakenly swipe the touchpad and get several feature on the screen like the charms bar opens unnecessarily.

How to Disable Touchpad Edge Swipes in Windows 8

  • Open Control Panel in the icons view and select the Mouse icon
  • When the Mouse Properties window opens, click on the last tab i.e. Device Settings, and go to Settings in the window

TouchPad device settings

  • In settings tab, you get to see the options to Enable Edge Swipes. To disable the feature, uncheck the box besides or check the box to enable the edge swipes and hit OK

TouchPad disable touch edge swipes

  • At last, click OK in Mouse Properties window and close it.

Before following the procedures described here, update the drivers for Synaptics touchpad to its latest available version. To install the latest drivers, click this link.

So, now you can easily Enable or Disable Touchpad Edge Swipes in Windows 8 according to your use or whenever you think it is needed.


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