Enable/Disable Notification sounds for Windows 8 Store apps

Many of us are fond of customizing Windows system using different registry tweak or third party tool. We even download various App to make our system more customized. But, you might have noticed that when you download any App, there are certain features that get enabled with it like the sounds, animation features, etc. Here is the tutorial how you can turn Play App Notification Sounds On or Off in Windows 8.turn on off notification sound windows 8

There are many latest features added to Windows 8 OS. If you are a Windows 8 user then you might be aware of the Windows 8 App store. The App store allows you to download various apps and enjoy it. But, every time you receive any notification regarding the App you hear a sound for it or say the notification plays audio. This feature is however useful but often users dislike it. For those who dislike it here is how can turn on or off to play notification sounds for Store apps in your user account in Windows 8.

Follow the steps below to turn on/off App notification sound for Windows 8 Store apps

  • Open charms bar and select to open PC settings
  • Next, click on Notifications in the left pane

pc settings notifications

  • In the right pane under Notifications, drag the Play notification sounds slider towards right to turn on or play App Notification Sounds or drag towards left to turn off
  • By default the Play notification sounds is turned on in Windows 8. If Show app notifications is turned off, then the “Play notification sounds” will be grayed out and disabled.
  • Once done, you can close the PC settings.

Upon completion of the steps described above you can turn on or off Play App Notification Sounds in Windows 8.
So, if you are the one disliking the notification sound, then here is the tutorial how you can turn on or off the feature in your Windows 8.


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