Windows 8 Defender disabled due to McAfee – How to Enable it

On trying to enable Windows defender you are prompted that Defender is turned Off. To enable the Windows 8 defender, follow the steps described on this tutorial. Windows 8 comes with a default Defender as AV. But it has been reported that Windows defender remains disabled if any other AV installed on the system that may be the reason why Windows defender cannot be enabled even if it is enabled. Follow the steps below to disable McAfee and enable Defender.fix defender enable mcafee uninstallMcAfee gets installed easily but its removal is tricky. Many users have complained about it. It comes along with other software and gets installed on the system, if the user is not alert during the installation. It often changes the search engine and disables the Windows 8 defender. Even after uninstalling the McAfee it doesn’t get removed completely. Here are some possible ways to enable Windows 8 defender by uninstalling McAfee completely from Windows 8 system.

Turn Off Windows Defender

To start enabling Defender, firstly end and uninstall McAfee. So, open Task manager and click on processes tab and select McAfee and hit the End task button. Now open control panel using Win + X and remove or uninstall McAfee.

If you still see the McAfee icon on taskbar after uninstalling it, right-click on it and choose VirusScan and select Disable.

McAfee Removal Tool is an excellent McAfee AV removal utility tool. It uninstalls McAfee completely from the Windows 8 system.

However, as told earlier Windows Defender gets disabled automatically with the installation of any Anti-malware or AV on the system. So, in order to enable defender McAfee AV is disabled.

Now follow the following the steps below to enable the Windows 8 defender.

To open Windows Defender, go to Control panel > All Programs > Windows Defender Or you can simply search for it using charms bar search charm. Next, click on Tools > Options

Windows Defender

In the Administrator options, go to the box stating Use Windows Defender and uncheck it and Save the changes.

If prompted by UAC, click on Yes or if asked to enter administrator password to proceed, simply do as asked.

That’s all. Windows 8 Defender is enabled on the system. You can also enable using Action center.

Hope the steps described in the tutorial above, you can successfully enable Defender by uninstalling McAfee AV on your Windows PC.


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