Enable / Disable SkyDrive at sign-in Windows 8

Windows 8 avails many features that make the new OS compatible with Windows 8 phones and notebooks. For instance the Sky drive App on Windows 8 is applicable to both Windows 8 phone users as well as Desktop App. But many users don’t favor SkyDrive at Windows 8 startup.turn on-off skydrive sign-in-win-8SkyDrive App is a cloud storage that allows you to store and browse the files anywhere from any computer. This also allows you to sync your data that are saved online in SkyDrive.com with that data stored in the PC. As mentioned earlier SkyDrive folder is kept in sync with your online SkyDrive, so whenever you make any changes in the online or the offline account the data are synced. So, it makes easier to uses data anywhere anytime. Free users get storage of 7GB.

By default Windows 8 enables the SkyDrive desktop app as soon as you sign-in to your account. This might not be favored by all users, so here is how you can turn on/off or say set to start or not to start automatically when you sign in to Windows 8.

Steps to Enable / Disable SkyDrive at sign-in Windows 8

  • After signing into your user account, go to the skydrive icon and right click on it from the taskbar or from metro screen
  • Now, select Settings
  • To Start SkyDrive at sign in, click on general flyout and go to settings
    In the dialog that opens, check the box besides Start SkyDrive automatically when I sign in to Windows and hit OK

Start SkyDrive signin windows-8

  • Or uncheck the box to disable SkyDrive Automatically at Sign in.

On disabling the feature, to use your skydrive account you need to access it manually. SkyDrive acts as a suitable backup account.

So, this is how you can enable or disable SkyDrive Desktop App to Start Automatically at Sign in to Windows 8.


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