Easy ways to Launch Windows 8 Control Panel

As discussed in the earlier posts, Windows 8 metro interface has been troubling many new users. The modern UI is bit difficult to deal for the new users. Although the new start screen is a great feature added to the new Windows. There are some features that are little difficult to get through in Windows for the beginners. Here is the tutorial how you can get to the control panel easily in Windows 8.

launch control panel windows 8
Microsoft has developed Windows 8 to provide more simplified process to the users. The traditional desktop startup menu is replaced by start screen which serves as the starting point of computing on Windows 8 computers. However, you can switch to the desktop view by clicking on desktop tile from the start screen. There are several options that are hidden from the default view and the users find it difficult to locate them though they are not removed, you either need to search for them or find other ways to launch them.

This tutorial gives you five easy ways to launch control panel on Windows 8. As we all know Control Panel serves as the root location for computer configuration management and settings alteration.

From the start screen itself

You can search for the control panel by simply typing control and choose control panel from the results displayed as a result of search action.

control panel search start screen

From Run Command

Open Run dialog box by pressing windows key+ R and type control.exe. This will launch control panel.

From Windows X menu

Press windows key + x and select control panel from the list of options displayed in winX menu.

From File Explorer

Go to taskbar and launch File Explorer. Next, navigate to computer and hit on computer option at the top menu bar and select open control panel from the ribbon bar.

launch control panel winx menu

From Address Bar

Open file explorer and click on the first arrow in the address bar and select control panel from there.

launch control panel file explorer

The best possible ways to launch control panel are described above. Well, the best way to launch any option or setting is to search it from the start screen that is by simply typing the name of the item you want to search and select settings if required or select from the search results that appear as a result of typing the name on the Start screen. However, the direct search functionality built into Modern UI start screen on Windows 8 has made the search more convenient than the earlier versions of Windows.


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