Dual Boot Screen Doesn’t Appear on Windows 8 – How to fix it?

Dual Boot PC is quite in demand. Nowadays, many folks out there prefer Dual Boot PC or Laptop as they can get to use two OS of their choice. However, people with Dual boot PC have their own advantages. To navigate between the OS, the PC has Dual Boot Screen with your options flashing on the screen. But often folks might lose the dual boot screen, if you are a novice and unable to navigate between the OS because you lost the dual boot screen then here is the tutorial we will be discussing about how to retrieve the Dual boot Screen.

dual boot screen

Dual Boot OS Window Gone in Windows 8 – How to Retrieve it?

Dual Boot PC have a boot screen that allows you to navigate between the OS or say you can switch between the OS whenever you like but due to uncertain errors the Dual Boot option screen is lost. To help you fix or retrieve back the Dual Boot choice screen, here are some fixes to try.

For Instance, if you are using Windows 7 and Windows 8 as your Dual OS on your PC but you are stuck at Windows 8 or say unable to navigate to Windows 7 because the Dual Boot or the OS selection screen is lost. Here are some troubleshooting steps to fix this problem.

  • Restart your PC. This can help you sort the issue.

If that doesn’t help, try the Command trick.

  • If you are in Windows 8, Press Win+ X and select Command Prompt or if you are in Windows 7 simply type cmd in the search box and hit enter. This will open an elevated command prompt
  • In the elevated command prompt, type in bcdedit, and hit Enter. This will Boot Configuration data store
  • Here look for Windows Boot Loader section, and find the description listing Windows 8 or Windows 7 and note down the identifier number For example : {current} (in Windows 8) or {default} (at boot)

bcdedit windows

To get back the Boot OS selection screen, you need to enable the Startup Options in the GUI Boot Menu

  • To do so, in the same command prompt, type in the command bcdedit /set {identifier number} bootmenupolicy Standard and hit Enter

That’s it. The command will do the trick and get back Dual OS boot Screen on your PC.

Some folks even believe that simply running the command bcdboot c:\windows that is without identifier number can also so the trick.

Hopefully the fixes discussed here helps to get back the Dual OS boot screen so that you can navigate between the OS.


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