Disable Windows 8 Taskbar with Opaque Taskbar

You all must be aware of the Aero glass transparency feature in Windows. However, Microsoft has removed Aero glass transparency from Windows 8 OS. But, there are still chances of getting them back. The aero glass transparency still exists in the Widows 8 taskbar. Many users don’t favor the aero feature and would like to disable them or don’t want to get them back. Here is the tutorial how to disable Aero Glass Transparency in Windows 8 Taskbar.

Disable Windows 8 Taskbar with Opaque Taskbar
There are bugs which can bring back the broken transparency which unstable. As mentioned above Aero glass transparency is not completely removed as it is still present in the Windows 8 Taskbar. It makes the whole user interface incompatible.

You can remove the Aero transparency from Windows 8 Taskbar by a third party software. Opaque Taskbar is a freeware tool that enables you to disable Aero glass transparency in Windows 8 Taskbar. This tool completely removes Taskbar transparency that is it makes it opaque.

Simply run the freeware tool and click on Disable Taskbar Transparency option. Once disabling the option you can see that the Taskbar transparency is gone. To enable the taskbar or want to get back the transparency on your Windows 8, you can do so by simply clicking on Enable Taskbar Transparency option and you will be restored to the default functionality.

opaque taskbar

Opaque Taskbar is needed to run at every startup as it doesn’t make any changes to Windows Registry. If you want to have a non-transparent Taskbar every time you login to your Windows, then you need to add the tool in the startup. Just check the checkbox Perform this at Windows startup in the tool. Now the next time when you login to your Windows the App will automatically take care of Taskbar transparency.

Moreover, the utility tool doesn’t take up space on the system hard drive so you don’t have to worry about system resources. The application is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 8 editions.

Thus upon using Opaque Taskbar utility software you can disable Aero Glass Transparency in Windows 8 Taskbar.


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