Disable Windows 8 Click Sounds

If you are Windows 8 users then you might have come across the click sounds that can be heard when you navigate from one folder to another. As we all Microsoft has brought out many changes in the new OS Windows 8. You can now see a start screen in place of start menu and many others. Some users are fond of these new changes brought out in the Windows 8, but there even users who don’t like the changes, like that of the click sounds that occurs when you move from one folder to other. Here is the tutorial how you can turn off Windows Explorer click sounds in Windows 8.

turn off Click Sounds windows 8These click sound is useful to notify when you select any folders or files. But this can be annoying if you are in environment where silence is appreciated and there you need to turn off this feature. Though turning the sounds off is easy, but due to changes made in the OS interface it may trouble some users. Follow the steps given below to turn off the click sounds in Windows 8.

How to turn Off Windows Explorer Click Sounds in Windows 8

  • Open Run dialog by holding down Windows Key + R and type in mmsys.cpl and hit Enter
  • Now you get to see Sound Window on the screen, here click on the Sound Tab
  • From the list of program events under the sound tab, search for Start navigation

disable start navigation sound

  • At the end of the Window, you can see another Sound option with drop-down list, select None from the drop-down menu and Click Apply and then hit OK.

Once you have completed all the steps described above, try navigating from folders in the explorer you can no longer hear any kind of click sounds associated with your move.

If you are not in favor of any kind of click sounds while you move from one folder to other, then follow the tutorial here to turn off the Windows 8 click sounds.


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