Disable or Turn off Fast Start up in Windows 8

Windows 8 has brought out many features that are quite a center of attraction to lot of user out there. The Windows 8 start screen, lock screen, windows 8 store and many more makes it different from the earlier version of windows OS. Fast Start up is a new feature added in Windows 8 that improves the boot time of Windows 8 i.e. Windows 8 has start up faster than the earlier versions of Windows OS. Whenever the system sits idle it enters hibernation stage and the current status or Kernel session are stored in the hiberfil.sys file located in the RAM thereby making fast startup and shutdown easy in Windows 8.

Disable or Turn off Fast Start up in Windows 8

With addition to start screen in Windows 8 that is by replacing the traditional start menu. Windows store apps allows you to install apps within a click. The lock screen locks screen when the system sits idle for a while, so that no other people can access your system in your absence. In comparison to earlier version of Windows OS, Windows 8 has much faster boot time. This fast startup feature is quite attractive.

Though the fast start up is useful, but there might be users who may not favor this feature. However, a Fast Startup is recommended, here is how you can disable or turn off this feature, follow the steps described below.

Steps to Disable/Turn off Fast Start up in Windows 8

  • Hold down Windows Key + X and hit O to open power options or simply click on Power Options

Power Options

  • Next, click on Choose what power button does
  • Under Shutdown Settings, you need to uncheck the box beside the option Turn on fast Startup(Recommended) to disable the Fast Start up

Turn Off Fast StartupFinally, click Save Changes to apply the changes.

Upon following the tutorial described here you can enable or disable Fast Start up in Windows 8. But it is recommended to keep the Fast Start up enabled.


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