Disable Java Update on WIndows 8

Many users out there might have seen the endless updates from Java and are quite irritated of the regular updates. Though Java is useful but the endless updates are tiring so, here is how you can get rid of the update notification on Windows 8 PC.disable java osMany sites use Java so we need to have this functioning on the system in order to see the contents without any hassle on the system. If you have downloaded Java then you might have received many java updates no your notification. The endless update clutters notification area. If you are tired of the Java updates here is how you can disable on Windows 8 PC.

You can disable Java from all browsers using its Console/Security. Simply uncheck the option for stopping the auto updates in Startup menu.


Disable JavaScript in Internet Explorer

Launch IE > open Internet Options > Security tab > Select Internet zone > Click Custom level

The window that appears in the screen, here disable Active Scripting. Click Apply/OK and restart your Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Disable JavaScript in Chrome

Open the chrome browser > click on Settings > Show Advanced Settings > Privacy > Content Settings

From the window that pops, select Do not allow any site to run JavaScript. If you want to add exceptions you may do so by clicking on its Manage exceptions button. Click OK and restart Chrome

Disable JavaScript in Firefox

To disable JavaScript in Mozilla Firefox, launch the browser, open Options > Content tab

Uncheck Enable JavaScript option. Its Advanced settings will let you disable or replace context menus, raise or lower windows and move or resize windows. Click OK and restart your Firefox browser.

That’s all. Hopefully the steps described above in this tutorial help you disabling the JavaScript in your IE, Chrome, Firefox Browser and on your Windows 8 PC.
You can also go to control panel and disable the Java updates on Windows 8 PC.


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