Disable AutoPlay feature using Windows Registry Editor

Earlier we have discussed about how to disable Autoplay features using group policy in Windows 8 to prevent any malware infection in Windows 8 system. The tutorial below will show you how to Disable AutoPlay using windows registry Editor. When you insert any USB or DVD in the system the AutoPlay option enabled. It automatically starts playing the USB or DVD contents. Follow the tutorial here to disable AutoPlay In Windows 8.

Disable AutoPlay Windows Registry EditorThe AutoPlay commands are stored in “autorun.inf” files in Windows and are responsible to play any applications or any programs, etc automatically. These files are vulnerable to malicious activities for this reason many users disable the AutoPlay feature in Windows 8.

It’s better to disable this feature and secure your system and data from corruption. Here is how you can disable the AutoPlay in Windows 8.

Since, the procedure here deals with Windows registry you need to create a restore point. If anything goes wrong during the changes in registry, to prevent any errors in the system you can retrieve back at any moment. .

Steps to Disable AutoPlay in Windows 8 using Registry

  • Press Windows + R to open Run dialog box and type in regedit and hit Enter. This will open the registry editor
  • In the registry editor, navigate to the following entry HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer

disable autoplay

  • In the immediate right pane, right click on the DWORD named NoDriveTypeAutoRun
  • A Properties window opens, here to disable AutoPlay for all drives, you can use the following value input to Value data section

0×1 or 0×80 – This will disable AutoPlay On Drives Of Unknown Type
0×4 – this hex value disables AutoPlay On Removable Drives
0×8 – Disables AutoPlay On Fixed Drives
0×10 – Disables AutoPlay On Network Drives
0×20 – Disables AutoPlay On CD-ROM Drives
0×40 – Disables AutoPlay On RAM Disks

Disable AutoPlay Windows 8

  • Select the value according to the action you need to perform and hit OK and close Registry Editor.
  • Finally, Restart your system.

On Reboot insert a new USB device to see your changes made in the system.

Upon following the steps above you can disable the AutoPlay feature on your Windows. This procedure is also applicable to disable “AutoPlay” feature completely/ specifically in Windows 7.


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