Different Ways to Return back to Windows 8 home screen

As we all Windows 8 has interesting feature and is different from the previous versions. However, most users find Windows 8 to be robust and user friendly. The changes are already discussed in the earlier posts of Windows 8. The Traditional start menu is replaced by the metro style start screen and many more. You can access Apps and programs from the tiles in the metro screen. Here is the tutorial how to return to Windows 8 home screen.

Different Ways to Return back to Windows 8 home screen

Return to the Windows 8 home screen

From the Charms bar
Moving mouse pointer over the right corner of the Windows screen and select Start
By pressing Windows key will take you back to home screen any time
By press Ctrl + Esc can also return to Windows 8 home screen.

win 8 charms bar

The new Windows 8 metro UI, the start screen is where you can access any apps or programs. The metro start screen can be personalized by pinning your favorite Windows 8 apps. You can access the charm bar from the start screen itself.

From this screen itself you can shut down and restart your computer as well as set-up and manage your operating system.

Windows 8 start screen and desktop is different from other Windows OS interface. If you add and customize apps on the new Windows 8 UI on your PC, it will also be set up in the same waythis way on your Windows 8 tablet.
You can switch in between the Windows 8 start screen and the Windows 8 desktop; simply press the windows key on your keyboard.

To return to the Windows 8 UI-style start screen interface from the Windows 8 desktop or if you are using an app and want to return to the start screen, press the windows button on your keyboard. You can also bring the charms bar by hovering your mouse to the top right-hand corner of your Windows 8 screen and press start that will bring you back to the start screen.


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