Determine which TCP/IP Ports are currently in Use

Whenever any application wants to communicate over internet it occupies port or socket to transfer their information. Every application needs to be connected to the port in order to communicate over internet. But, how would you determine which ports are currently being accessed or in use in Windows 8 computers. Here is the tutorial to determine which port is being accessed or in use.

tcp ip currently in use
IP network is a number assigned to user sessions and server applications. Port numbers that are standardized by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA), reside in the header area of the TCP or UDP packet.

Many applications have their individual dedicated ports such as HTTP uses port 80, FTP uses port 21, SMTP uses port 25, etc. While the applications which do not have dedicated ports occupy any random available port.

Steps to Check which Ports are in Use

  • Open task manager by pressing Alt+Ctrl+Delete at a time or right click on the task bar
  • Next, tap on the file tab and select new task (Run)

Run from taskManager

  • When Run Window appears, check the box create this task with Administrative privileges
  • Type in cmd and hit enter

Command prompt as administrator

  • You will now see a command prompt with administrative privileges. Type the command netstat –aon | more and hit enter

Command Line win 8

  • Now you can see a table labeled local address where you can see the port address and the PID column will show you the process identifier number or the application which is using the ports. The PID is unique for each and every individual process.

Listening ports win 8

  • Again open the task manager and navigate to services tab, you will find PID for all the programs running in the current time. From here itself you can find out which port is used by which programs and the also find out the ports available.

IdentifyPid win8

Thus upon following the instructions discussed above you can easily get to know what ports available are and which ports are in use at present.


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