Deleting Run Dialog Auto Suggest History in Windows

We very often use RUN to search or open any programs in Windows. But, have you ever noticed that when you type anything in the RUN dialog box it is saved for future suggestions i.e. when you open your RUN box the next time you get suggestions. Today we will be discussing about how you can delete Run dialog auto suggest History in Windows.

Delete Run Dialog Auto Suggest History

The auto suggest proves to be very useful in near future, but still there are users who might not favor this feature. So, for those who don’t like this feature, here is how you can delete or clear the auto suggest list of items that are opened from the Run dialog Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.

Windows saves the auto suggestions history for the Run dialog in the RunMRU registry key given below. We will create a .bat file to delete this entry from the registry. So, by deleting the entry you can see that Windows automatically clears the history i.e. the next time you access something from Run, the RunMRU key will automatically be recreated and will save the new history.


Steps to Delete Run Dialog Auto Suggest History in Windows

  • To create a. bat file, first open Notepad and copy the following

REG Delete “HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\RunMRU” /F

  • Now, save the file with .bat extension and assign a name Clear Run Auto Suggest History
  • Now click on the newly created file to run it.
  • Upon prompted by UAC or any registry command, click continue or Yes and proceed
  • This will merge the newly created registry entry with the Windows registry.

You will notice a command prompt quickly open and close while applying the changes to your registry. Reboot your system to apply the changes. Upon system restart you can no longer see any suggestion on typing anything in the RUN dialog box.

Upon following the tutorial here you can remove or delete Run Dialog Auto Suggest History in Windows.


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