Delete Duplicate files in Windows 8 with Dedupler

We all are fond of storing images, videos, etc in our system, but at certain times the files are stored repeatedly or say the images or other files have several copies stored on the system that eat up much space on the system hard disk unnecessarily. The increasing scarcity of space on the hard disk can contribute in reducing the system performance and cause the system to slow down. You can opt to delete the repeated files manually by looking for them one by one in the folder, but this doesn’t seem to be a good option as it is time consuming and at the same time it is not possible to remember which folder of which drive has the same image or document file. You can delete all duplicate files in one go that too in a single click. Follow the tutorial below to delete duplicate Files from Multiple Locations in the system hard disk with a single click in Windows 8.

Delete Duplicate files in Windows 8 with DeduplerIf there are duplicate files located in the system you don’t have to worry for their removal as you can get rid of them easily without wasting any time with the help of utility tool named Dedupler.

Dedupler is a free utility tool with user friendly interface that is easy to use and easily removes duplicate files from the system hard disk within no time. Here are steps to delete duplicate files from multiple locations from Windows 8 system.

  • Firstly you need to download the software DeDupler. Once you have downloaded the freeware, install the application and then restart Windows 8 system to bring it into effect
  • Open the app and check to select your preferred language and click OK.
  • Now browse the files and folders you want to search


  • Next, select the Folder, or drive that is to be to be searched and when added to the directory click on Examinate
  • You can select the type of verification. First is the MD5 and the other one is SHA512. The former method is fast and does not confront the files bit by bit whereas the later one although time consuming but ensures high fidelity and greater reliability.
  • Next search for the type of extension for instance, if you want to check for the jpeg files and select the Custom option and put the extensions separated by space
  • After selecting the desired options and click Close.
  • Upon prompted for confirmation, read all the information and to know the procedure to use the utility software
  • Now, click on Search for Duplicity. The search process will take some time, until then wait for the process to complete
    Once the process is complete, you get to see the result
  • Choose the actions to be performed under the Process Checked Files Tab. They are Removed all checked duplicity files, Try to replace Duplicity files by symbolic Link and Do Nothing
  • Basing on the type of option selected, the Progression report appears after completion of the process and also reports the number of files removed.

Upon following the steps described above you can now easily delete the duplicate files without wasting much time in manually looking for them.


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