Customize Windows 8 Drive Icons

Are you fond of customizing the Windows 8 explorer? Windows 8 OS can be customized in different ways by making simple changes in the Windows registry. If you wish to customize the drive icons on your Windows 8 computer, then here is tutorial for it.customize drive icon windows8
The file that is responsible for all the icons linked with the Windows is the imageres.dll and is found in the root directory of Windows. Thereby this file can be used to customize default icons with other ones located in the same file. Follow the steps described below to change the drive icons in Windows 8

Change the drive icons in Windows 8

  • Press Windows key + R to open Run dialog box
  • Type in regedit and click Ok to open the windows registry
  • Next, navigate to the location HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer

drive icons

  • Create a new key in the left pane of the active window. To create a new key in the window right Click > New > Key
  • Now, rename it as DriveIcons and create a subkey of DriveIcons under the key
  • Name the new subkey with the drive name for which you are modifying the drive icon. For instance, if you are changing the drive icon for C drive, then name it C
  • Again, create another subkey of the key created previously, and name it as DefaultIcon
  • Now, go to the right pane of DefaultIcon key and modify the default string with %SystemRoot%\\System32\\imageres.dll,158

edit string driveicon

Here %SystemRoot% indicates Windows root directory, System32 is the folder containing Windows DLL and necessary stuff and imageres.dll is the file which holds all the icons for a Windows OS whereas 158 is the number of image present at position 158 in imageres.dll. If you wish to get a different image for the drive then you can use different number to get different icons for the drive.

You can display your own image for the drives by simply creating a .ico format file of your image and its value at Value data.

After, completing all the steps, close the Registry Editor and reboot your system.

When you login to your computer you can see that drive icons are changed to the icons you have set as your desired drive icons. To restore the default drive icons back, you need to delete the DriveIcons key that was created in the registry and reboot your system to get things reset.


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