Customize Window Borders and Taskbar colors in Windows 8

You must have noticed that in Windows 8 the color for Window borders and taskbar is by default blue. However, Windows offers full privilege for changing the color. The default color is automatically chosen by Windows 8 depending on the set wallpaper. Here is the tutorial how you can change the color of window borders in windows 8 without using any third party software.change color Window Borders taskbar Windows 8

Upon changing the color of window border, the taskbar color changes automatically. Here is how you can set any color as you wish to your Windows border and taskbar.

Steps to Change the Color of Window Borders and Taskbar in Windows 8

  • Firstly open Personalization either from right click context menu or using charms bar. Using charms bar, open Settings charm > Personalization Or right click on empty space on the desktop and select Personalize OR use Control Panel to open the Personalization icon
  • In personalization window, click on the Color button at the bottom

personalization color

If your copy of Windows 8 uses a “Windows Default” Theme

  • Either opt for a specific color or select the Automatic option to allow window to select color automatically depending upon the colors in your desktop background
    Or else select a color instead of Automatic selection, then move the sliders left and right to adjust the Color intensity and for more customization try color mixer

select color

If you are Using a “High Contrast” Theme

  • Click on the Window, Foreground, or Background button on the right side of a item on the left side that you want to change the color for

choose color

  • Next, select a color for the selected item, and hit OK

color contrast

  • Upon using this theme, it changes the color of your window borders, buttons, and text.
  • Once done with your settings you can now hit the Save button to save and apply the changes and close the Personalization window.

If you are bored of the windows color follow the steps illustrated above to Change the Color of Window Borders and Taskbar in Windows 8.


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