Creating Shortcut to launch All App page of Windows 8

As already been discussing about the changes and variations made in Windows 8, here we will be discussing about one such feature added to the new OS. Windows 8 installs App store, all Apps page in Windows 8 shows all programs or features included in Windows 8. All Application page allows you to look for the programs installed currently in your Windows 8 system in a glance. Here is the tutorial how you can create shortcut to all app page in Windows 8.
Create shortcut launch All App page Windows 8Here are some ways how you can open All Application page

If you are at Desktop mode, press Windows key to open Windows 8 Start Screen. Here hold down Ctrl + Tab keys and you can see All Apps page on screen.

Or Right-click on an empty space of Windows 8 Start Screen and then click All apps option, as shown below .

Press Windows Key + Q to launch All Apps page in Windows 8.

So there are different procedures to launch “All Apps” page in Windows 8. But there might be users who might not wish to remember the keyboard shortcuts every time they want to access this All App page. Here is a better way to access it directly i.e. by creating a shortcut in Windows 8 desktop to open All App page by a click.

In the earlier version of Windows 8 i.e. Consumer preview, developers preview there was a file as; Search.scf in C:\Windows\System32\ location, which was responsible to show “All Apps” page, then you can use the same location to create shortcut if you are still using any Preview versions of Windows 8. But if you are using Windows 8 Pro this Search.scf no longer exists.

For those who are using Windows 8 Pro, follow the steps below to create All App shortcut in desktop.

How to create all application page shortcut in Windows 8

  • In desktop mode, right-click on the empty space and select New, then Shortcut

create shortcut windows8

  • In the create shortcut window, copy and paste the location explorer shell:::{2559a1f8-21d7-11d4-bdaf-00c04f60b9f0} in location textbox and click Next.

type location

  • Next, name it as All Apps Page and click Finish.

name shortcut

That’s all. After completion of all the steps, you can find the newly created All App Page shortcut in your Windows 8 desktop. Now, whenever you wish to launch Windows 8 All Apps Page, simply double-click on it.


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