Create and Manage User Accounts in Windows 8

You may be having number of users for your computer. If you are concerned about the privacy and security of your data on your Windows Computer, then you can create multiple users account in your computer. By creating a user account for every individual you can secure your data on the computer. If you are unable to create a new user account for your Windows 8 computer, then here is the tutorial describing how to create user account.Create and Manage User Accounts in Windows 8
Windows 8 allows you to create individual account like online family safety, multiple users of the computer etc. Follow the tutorial below to see how we can add and manage multiple accounts in Windows 8.

Add or Create an account in Windows 8

Press the Windows key+I from the keyboard to open Charm Bar. Next, click on the Change PC Settings options to open Windows 8 Modern Settings

pc settings windows 8 charms bar

Under Windows 8 Modern Settings, click on the Users > Add a user option that is located at the bottom of the window

users settings windows 8

You can now see that Windows 8 new user creation wizard in the screen and will ask you to provide an email address for creating a new online Microsoft account for the new user. Or else you can sign in without an email address by checking on the option Sign in without an email address and continue

online user account

For creating an online account you need to provide information like your email address, security questions and other important details like address, date of birth, etc. While creating a local account that is Sign in without an email address does not require any such details. The creation process takes few minutes to complete and you get a new account within minutes.

new user account windows8

Manage Windows 8 Account

Once done with the creation process, you can see the new account in the User menu. You will be allowed to access and configure any of the new account settings only when you are logged in as the user to that account and enable it. The settings can be changed later from the account itself.

To make any changes in newly created user account, go to Start Screen and click on the user thumbnail at the top-right corner of the screen. Next, choose the user you would like to login. While managing the new account none of the programs running in the current user will be killed. You can use Sign Out option to end the session before you switch to the current account.

manage users account windows8

However you can configure the additional accounts and use it simultaneously along with the first account. You can also change the locally created Account to online account from the new user settings itself.

Upon following the steps described above you can create or add multiple user accounts in your Windows 8 computer. By creating a new account you can draw a line between personal data and professional and important data. You can install the necessary programs or apps according to the type of user account. You can secure your data and personal information from being exploited.


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