Create & Add Shutdown button in Windows 8

How do you shutdown your Windows 8 PC? Unlike the earlier Windows versions, Windows 8 doesn’t have start menu so the shutdown button is also missing from its original place. The new users get little difficulty in looking for the shutdown option. However a novice needs to spare some time to get acquainted with the new OS. Here is the tutorial how you can add a shutdown button in Windows 8.Add shutdown button Windows 8In Windows 8, you can find shutdown option in the Windows 8 Charms Bar and then to settings. But, this procedure involves some steps. Today we will be discussing about how you can create and add shutdown button on the desktop so that you can shut down your computer at one shot.

The process that is described here in this tutorial will provide a much easier way to shut down your PC that is much easier and quicker in comparison to Windows 7 Shutdown procedure. Follow the steps given below to add a quicker method to shutdown Windows 8 PC.

Steps to create and add a shutdown button in Windows 8

  • In Desktop mode, right click in an empty space and go to New and click on Shortcut

New Shortcut create

  • In the location field type the following shutdown /s /t 0 and click Next
    You can add a restart button, by simply replacing the‘s’ by ‘r’

Shutdown Location

  • Now, the name appears as shutdown.exe and click Finish.
  • That’s it the Shortcut is created.
  • Now right click on the shortcut icon, go to its Properties and click on Change Icon.
  • Choose the Shutdown icon and hit Apply and then OK.

Shutdown Shortcut Created

Your shutdown shortcut is finally created. Whenever you want to shut down your system, double click on the icon and your machine is turned off.

Upon following the steps described here you can now easily turn OFF your Windows 8 system easily within a click.


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