Control Windows 8 with your Eyes Movement with Tobii REX

It will be quite surprising, if I say, you can control your windows 8 with your eye. Yes, now you can operate your computer using your eye along with mouse and keyboard. Windows 8 has many added features and Apps included in it, which has grabbed many users attention. It would be more fun if you could control the OS with your eye. Read the tutorial below to know how you can control computer with your eyes.Control Windows 8 with your Eyes Movement with Tobii REXFrom its very announcement and launch, Windows 8 has been grabbing a lot of attention. Many users have already updated to Windows 8 by now. If you are a Windows 8 user, then it would be really interesting if you can control Windows 8 Computer with your Eyes.

Windows 8 has the ability to be operated by Eye Tracking Technology. So get updated, if you have been using your mouse or keyboard to operate your computer. This technology allows you to navigate your PC using your eyes. You can control your PC with your eyes movement.

Tobii, the developer of the new eye tracking technology has recently developed a device named Rex. This device is nothing but a USB-connected peripheral that needs to be placed at the bottom of your laptop or computer monitor. This device will silently monitor your eye movement and control your PC accordingly. You can now control your PC with your eye movement, without replacing your mouse and keyboard to control your system.

tobii rex

With Tobii Rex, you can navigate, zoom, scroll or select something. The official launch hasn’t been announced yet. Rumours had it Tobii plans to sell the device around 5,000 units this year. As per now a developer version of the device is available, at a price of $995.

So, get ready to control your system with your eyes along with your mouse and keyboard with Tobii Rex.


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