Configuring with Windows 8 Mail App

Very soon Hotmail webmail service will be replaced by Microsoft’s This will come with a brand new User Interface and features. One of the interesting features of is that is allows you to create a list of contacts that can be blocked. If you are a Windows 8 user, then you might be well aware of the fact that it accompanies a Mail app that can be configured to work with your account. Here is the tutorial how you can configure on your Windows 8.

configure outook com

As already been discussed, Windows 8 offers many new features and is quite different from earlier version of Windows OS. is one such new added feature. Follow the tutorial here to configure the App account with your account.

Steps to Configure on Windows 8

  • At first open the Mail app from Windows 8 start menu
  • Next, press Windows key + C to open charms bar
  • Now, click settings or you can directly open the settings pressing Windows key + I button


  • Under settings, click on Accounts link
  • In the accounts window, select the Add account option. This is where you can add account type and choose either Hotmail account or account

Add account

  • Next you need to provide email address and password for your account

Enter email

  • Once done or when you are connected, the app automatically syncs all your emails from the webmail to this Mail app. If wish to configure the sync settings, then you can do so under the content to sync from the same settings menu.

outlook settings

This also enables you to configure an email signature to work with Windows Mail app. This mail app is pretty appreciable but is basic, but if you don’t want to invest on Office 2010, then it is a quite pretty app for you.

If you want to configure your Mail App with on Windows 8, here is the tutorial how you can achieve this.


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