Collect Error Logs with Windows 8 Log Collector

System crashes and BSOD are unpredictable, but it can still be avoided if you keep a close watch upon the error logs. Many users have suggested that keeping an eye upon the error logs one can easily detect the threats or errors in the system beforehand. User can go through the error reports and sort out the errors or resolve it before it causes any severe issues in the system. Here is the tutorial how you can collect error logs regarding the errors or problems occurred in the system with an aim to avoid BSoD or other system crashes.Collect Error Logs Windows 8 Log Collector

Windows 8 Log Collector is a free utility app that provides an easy way to collect error logs, and view a detailed report on the errors or problems occurred in the system so that you can detect the errors earlier and avoid Blue Screen of Death or other system crashes. This freeware app is an executable file which does not require any installation. When you open the application you can find several buttons indicating their respective purposes making it user friendly. The uppermost red colored round button says Grab All and the remaining 5 buttons are MSINFO32, Minidump, Event Logs, Host and IE Logs.

windows 8 log collector

Grab All buttons collects the following 5 types of logs.

MSINFO32- It is a system information tool that collects any erroneous issues regarding any software, drivers or any other programs installed in your system.

Minidump- Upon running the Minidump tool, it creates a .dmp file. This occurs when the computer suffers from BSOD with a number of screenshots illustrating the state of the computer when it is crashed.

Event Logs- This collects reports on Application, Security, Setup and System.

Host- This deals with Network related problems and collects log which are in the form of .txt file.

IE Logs- IE log generates an executable file known as IEDiagCMD.exe and troubleshoots Internet Explorer errors.

How to activate Windows 8 Log Collector

First you need to download Windows 8 Log Collector and extract the files. Next right click on the executable file and click on Run As Administrator. This will open Windows 8 Log Collector

You can also find the different buttons as mentioned earlier to perform different functions. Click Grab All in order to collect all error log files.

The log collection process starts. Once the collection is complete, you can see a new folder named W8 created on the Desktop.

Open the folder, here you will find MSINFO32.nfo that provides all the information regarding the system.

All the errors taking place in the system will be detailed in the form of log report. You can now go through the log error report and fix the issues before it causes BSoD or any system crash.


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