Changing Drive letter in windows 8

Operating system provides partitions to the system hard disk and those hard disks are assigned with drive letters to be more precised for using them. But, sometimes the drive letters get changed automatically or say you want to change the drive letters to some other letters. Follow the tutorial here how you can change Drive letter in windows 8 OS.

Change drive letter windows 8

Previously, I have discussed about changing drive letters in Windows OS apart from Windows 8, here is how you can change drive letters in Windows 8 OS. Changing drive letter is not a big deal. Drive letter assignment is the process of assigning letters from English alphabet to various Disk Partitions to the system hard drive. However, you cannot used specific letters for some drives.

Earlier, letter A was assigned for floppy Drives, but nowadays completely obsolete.

B was also for assigned Floppy and is obsolete now. So letter B can be used for other purposes.

C drive claims as first and the most important hard disk partition. This is where the operating system files and all other essential program files are located.

D-Z letters are names assigned for other partitions, removal disk names and others.

How to change Drive Letter in Windows 8

  • First press Windows key + W simultaneously to Search the system settings and type Disk Management in search box

search disk management

  • From the left pane of the search result, select Create and format hard disk partitions

change drive letter

  • Now, select the drive whose drive letter and paths are to be changed and Right click on it
  • A new window appears, there click on the Change to change the drive letter

select change

  • Now, choose any letter of your choice from the available options to be assigned to the drives and click Ok.
  • Upon prompted by UAC or any kind of confirmation or warning dialog box, click yes to confirm.


After completion, you can open the explorer and you can see the drive name changed already.
If ever the drive letter is changed or say you want to change the drive letters, follow the tutorial here to achieve this.


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