Change Windows 8 Explorer to Windows XP Toolbar

As discussed earlier, Windows 8 is different from its previous version of operating system. If you are Windows 8 user then you might be well aware of the changes made in it. The traditional start screen is changed with metro start tile screen. You might also be aware of the addition of Ribbon UI to Windows 8 Explorer. Microsoft has put Office 2013 style Ribbon UI to Windows 8 Explorer. Many users find this feature interesting and useful while others think it is a complicated one. If you don’t find the toolbar to be useful, then here is the tutorial how you can get back your Windows XP toolbar in your Windows 8 computer without using any third party software.

add windows xp toolbars win8

Windows 8 features the ribbon style Explorer which is difficult fro the new users as commands like cut, copy, paste, delete, unto, new folder, etc. are present in ribbon while in Windows Vista and 7 Explorer using the Command bar. To access the commands in the ribbon on Windows 8 explorer, click on the tabs such as File, View, etc. Or else by using Quick Access Toolbar which is present in the title bar near the program icon.

In order to make simpler for the new Windows 8 user you can bring back the simple toolbar in Windows 8 Explorer similar to Windows XP having all buttons such as cut, copy, rename, etc. Here is the tutorial how you can convert the quick access toolbar into a fully functional toolbar similar to Windows XP without using extra software.

Perform the simple instructions given below to get a fully functional toolbar on Windows 8.

Open Windows Explorer and click on the small arrow located at the left-side of the window. Generally, it is used for quick access toolbar. On clicking on it, it will open a menu and click on Show below the Ribbon option. By doing this the quick access toolbar will be shown below the ribbon, by this way you have almost converted the quick access toolbar into a standard toolbar.

show below the ribbon

You can add new buttons to this toolbar by clicking on the little arrow and check the buttons that you want to add to the toolbar. You can add buttons like undo, redo, delete and rename using the given menu.

In order to add custom buttons like cut, copy, paste, views, folder options, etc to the new toolbar, right-click on the ribbon to maximize it and uncheck Minimize the Ribbon option. Now to add any button simply right-click on the button present in the ribbon and select Add to Quick Access Toolbar option from the context menu. You can see that the button in the new toolbar.

add toolbars win8

You can re-order the toolbar buttons or change the positions of the button. To do so first remove all buttons from the toolbar by right-click on the button and select Remove from Quick Access Toolbar option and then add desired buttons to it, the way you want them to be arranged on your toolbar.

Upon completion of the steps provided above, you will have a fully functional Windows XP style toolbar back in Windows 8 Explorer from which you can easily access all buttons that are used frequently.


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